Everything is expensive, it costs $50 to go to the movies on a date and get a bag of Sour Patch Kids. For the most part, I watch my savings, and when I see a deal, I take advantage of it as much as I can. I am going to share some more things I’ve found recently that are cheap and fun. Most are restaurants etc, but there are a few activities.


1.)    Chili’s Monday Nights

Chili’s is unreal. I write about it practically every week. It’s good food, above average service, and if you take advantage of their deals, cheap cheap cheap. You get free chips and salsa at the bar anytime, also, Monday is 2 for 1 fajita day. Honestly, it’s not quite two portions but its close. They also have $2.99 Sam Adams drafts, these go for around $5 anywhere else. Go to the one in Braintree, my personal favorite. http://www.chilis.com/EN/locations/Pages/LocationLanding.aspx?RestaurantId=408.002.0834&Tab=0&OnlineEnabled=True

2.)    Weymouth 99 on Tuesday

So far it seems like I will be giving a day by day breakdown of which restaurant chain to visit on which day. Not the case, just a coincidence. I live close to this one but I’ve only been there a couple times since I moved to Weymouth. I wanted to try something new so I randomly went there the other day to watch the Celtics game. There are a good amount of tv’s, free popcorn and a discounted entrée menu. You can get about 6 different dishes for $9.99, they also have $1.99 Bud Select drafts which I actually think are Bud Light in reality. Then, they have trivia with a $25 gift card prize. So go, eat, drink, win trivia and its all free!! I basically win every time I play, but fell short due to the cheating of another team the other day. I have to admit the cheating was purely speculation by me. http://www.99restaurants.com/

3.)    Bruin’s Playoff Luxury Suite - GEM OF THE WEEK

Ok, obviously hockey isn’t as popular as the other sports, so there are tons of opportunities to get some great deals on tickets. First, join the Cybear Club http://bruins.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=57682 . They will give you tons of offers and pretty good deals. The biggest secret to this though, is going to the box office right around the time the game starts and see if they have luxury box tickets available. A lot of companies won’t waste the money on hockey tickets anymore, the rest of Boston’s teams are just too popular, so there are tons of luxury suites open. To make money and fill them up, they sell these tickets at the box office at game time for face value $125 per ticket. I know this isn’t exactly “saving big”, but comparatively it’s good, I went to game 3 on Marathon Monday and the scalpers had balcony seats for $100, I paid just $25 more and sat in a luxury box.



4.)    SOWA

I’m actually surprised how unknown this is in the South Shore. Basically, it’s an outdoor market with clothing, art, crafts and fresh food. Not really my kind of place, but it is definitely different and worth checking out, plus, you can get a bunch of stuff really cheap. Also, free to get in and free parking. www.southendopenmarket.com/

5.)      Boston Bowl – Hanover

I went bowling with my friend here not too long ago when it opened, we had a couple slices of pizza and played a few arcade games while we waited for our lane, the total was above $50 on my debit card when I looked later, pretty pricey. Then I found out they offer half price bowling on Sundays 9-12 and   5-close. I only go bowling about once a year, but it’s a pretty cool place to go and VERY cheap on Sunday. Plus you can play $80 worth of skee ball to win a .50 cent Hannah Montana key chain.  Definitely check out worthy. www.bostonbowlhanover.com/   


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