Spring is here and summer is coming!! problem is, once that sun starts peeking out, all we want to do is go to cookouts and enjoy a few cold cocktails. Going to the dark musty gym is the last thing any of us want to do on a beautiful sunny day. SO.... dont go, do these 4 mini routines to keep the intensity up and the workouts going.

1.) Start with a walk or light jog around the track for 1 lap (.25 mile) Hopefully, the track has a football field in the middle of it for measurements, if not, just eyeball this stuff ....

- start by jogging from one goal line up the field, when you hit the far 40 yard line sprint to the far side goal line. once crossed do 10 push ups 10 full sit ups. walk quickly to the other side of the field, start the jog to sprint again and repeat. you want to go around the football field in 3 full revolutions

cool down by walking or jogging a full mile

2.) Again, start with a light jog or walk around the track for a lap.
-start at edge of end zone, begin walking lunges across endzone.. jog full length of field (100 yds). again begin walking lunges across endzone. do 5 full revolutions around the field http://www.livestrong.com/video/1493-do-walking-lunges/
- after this do 3 sets of 60 second planks (hold body straight and prop self up with either hands, arms straightened, or for less pressure, straighten body and balance on toes and forearms http://healthgenie.org/most-effective-ab-exercises-10.php
cool down by walking or jogging full mile

3.) do your 1 lap warm up
- start at the sideline of the football field facing the other sideline in the end zone... not crossing your feet over each other, shuffle while still facing the other sideline, do this the whole length of the football field, when you get to the end shuffle back, once you go back and forth, finish with 30 mountain climbers

- 3 sets of burpees

- 3 sets of stair sprints, the field should have stairs for the stadium... do 3 full sprints up and down all stairs at the field or track

4.) Sand is a great use of resistance, so take your last workout to the beach!
- walk on the shoreline for a bit to warm up
- do 3 standing squat jumps, basically, stand in place and leap upwards, landing in a squat (sounds complicated, actually easy
- do 2 mins jogging with 30 second sprints... 25 minutes total

These are very simple, but very effective mini workouts that can be done in under an hour and keep you going through the days that getting into a gym just isn't realistic. I put in some good links to describe the exercises, but also if you're confused, just
email me  or comment and I will get back to you asap. First 3 people who reach out to me I will give a free personal training session to!

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