Going green, organic, recycle, hybrid, these are great terms. Mostly though, people go through their day to day lives paying very little attention to them. Also, most of us make very little effort to preserve the world we live in. I have always done my part to limit waste and recycle "when convenient". Lately though, the more documentaries I watch (netflix!) and the more I read on the subject, I have stepped up my efforts, and you should too. It's tough to transition and change your habits, its inconvenient. Start with these 5 simple things though, and go from there. These aren't groundbreaking, you don't even need to trade in your Escalade for a Prius... YET. But do these and you'll be eating granola and hugging trees in no time:

1.) Recycle - most towns have recycling programs where they pick up waste from your curb, but YOU have to go to town hall, get stickers, get your own barrel etc, so many people dont participate.... Just do it, it doesn't take much time and is well worth it, once I started recycling, I realized how much of my junk I could actually recycle... Also, at your job, make sure they have some sort of recycling program for all the paper waste, if they dont, start an initiative and put it on your resume, do it for selfish reasons, whatever, just help save the planet

2.) Get a reusable water bottle - I already know the response to this, I DONT DRINK TAP WATER.... read any article on the internet, some estimate 80% of bottled water is taken straight from the tap, and even the water that is filtered properly mostly doesn't register "safer" than most towns tap water. A friend of mine and I drink about 100 oz of water a day each, I use a reusable aluminum bottle, he drinks poland spring... I use obviously one container ALL day, his truck is filled with empty poland spring bottles that he either kicks out next to his truck, or finally throws away at his work trash, he doesnt even recycle, I counted 54 empty bottles in his truck last week. The scary thing is, there are a ton of people just like him... DONT be one of them! Also, do some research on BPA, you dont wanna drink plastic.

3.) Give clothes and household items to charity - Everyone tries to open up their t shirt draw, and because it is so overfilled, it gets jammed and you have to push all the clothes down just to get the draw open.... Simple solution, GIVE to the Salvation Army, great organization, you can call them and they will even pick up from your residence. Also, small appliances and household items can be donated. Donating both reduces waste and production of these items. No one uses their blender, give it away

4.) Shopping bags - I go shopping every week and dont get much, I average about 9 bags per visit, this is pretty crazy if you think about it... I can only imagine how many bags people with huge families use. This ads to plastic production and waste. You can get re-usable bags at the dollar store, or even free at some places... plus, supermarkets give you $.10 off per bag, I personally save $.10 x 432 bags a year = $44/year ..... That should be my half of a Red Sox bleacher seat this season, great...

5.) Make your own cleaning supplies - This one is crazy.. ever open a bottle of bleach? Do you think that smell can be good for the environment or YOU? Doubt it, yet we smother our houses and clothing in it...... I learned about this one from my man Dr. Oz, you can literally clean anything with water and vinegar. And, it's just as effective as household cleaners... I've tried it, it's legit, house has been shinin like a diamond since

Ok, now you have all the tools to save the world, start today! Let me know what you're going to do first to start your go green lifestyle. I'll even buy the first person to respond a re-usable water bottle and ship it to you!

4/15/2011 02:48:41 am

Great blog!! People don't realize that a little goes a long way and don't believe that they can make an impact on the environment! Thank you for writing about this very important issue!

4/15/2011 03:25:54 am

Great information. Hopefully more people pay attention and do what is right!

6/18/2012 12:42:58 am

Thanks for providing good information

9/25/2018 03:21:14 am

My friends and I joined an organization with the advocacy of saving our environment. They once had an event and I remember, I signed up, together with my friends, because we want to participate in the invention contest. This invention contest will be using some recycled materials and the fun part is, we can register for the competition by giving fifty plastic water bottle. The event is very bold and inspiring because it encourages us to help our environment, yet let us showcase our artistic side. This is the main reason why we joined the organization.


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