Sometimes on the weekends, I can’t figure out anything new to do. I basically go to the same spots with the same friends most of the time. Meanwhile, a bunch of cool stuff that I didn’t even know about is going on around me. If you feel like I just described, READ ON!! I am going to give you a layout of the 5 hottest happenings this weekend in and around the South Shore. You’re Welcome.

Taste Quincy - 4/11

This is basically Quincy’s version of “Restaurant Week”. It starts the 11th and goes through the 16th. It’s a pretty good deal overall, you pay $15 bucks and you get a $25 gift certificate. Some of the places I like that are participating are Fuji, The Fours, Common Market and Coffee Break. I know they sell out so you may want to act fast grabbing a few of these.

Phantom Gourmet Wine & Food Phest - 4/10 Bayside

These guys put on a good tv show, their events are “mezza mezza”. I’ve been to a few, the last one I went to was the BBQ thing they host at Suffolk Downs. It rained and they wouldn’t give me a discount so I was aggravated right from the start, but I drove all the way there so I decided to stay, it ended up being ok. They had a mechanical bull and mechanical surfboard (see above video), so I was happy enough. This event looks pretty good and I got free tickets, so I’ll be there. Probably worth checking out if you’re into the vino.

Bruins vs. Canes - 4/10 Fleet

Look, I played college hockey, but even I know hockey isn't much of a spectator sport. However, because of my childhood and because they are fighting for a playoff berth and position, I’ll list this as a cool event you have to check out. The Canes are somewhat of a rival, they used to be The Whale, and they knocked the B’s out of the playoffs last year. So should be worth a peek.  Plus, the Celts are already in the playoffs and they play the ridiculously bad NY teams Fri and Sun.

Cashunt Boston Scavenger Hunt - 4/9 12pm

I’ve never done this before, but it looks like a lot of fun, particularly if you’re into stuff like this. It’s only $30 a person, so it’s relatively cheap. You’ll probably meet a bunch of people and it will get you out of the house. Check out the site. 

Chelsea Handler – 4/10 Wang Center

She wrote a book and is doing a promotion tour. I’m not a huge fan, but people love her and she’s funny enough. I can’t list ONLY things I like so I’ll even list ridiculous stuff like this if I think people will be into it.


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