This week i wanted to share the top 10 reasons to do business with TPA. Sometimes, it is confusing what exactly it is that a concierge service does. Put simply, we fulfill a need for you! Give us a call today! Here they are:

1.) - because you just can't find the time to fight traffic, get to the gym, go to the market, cook dinner, and then have a moment to relax!

2.) - because you are a busy professional and just don't have time to plan that much needed vacation you have coming up

3.) - because you haven't gotten any calls on that "FOR SALE" sign you have in the window of that old clunker

4.) - because you feel bad asking that same neighbor to walk your dog again while you're away this weekend

5.) - because you just don't know what to wear on this date, and even if you did, you can't find it in this messy closet of yours

6.) - because you would love the luxury of having your favorite coffee drink or lunch item delivered to you at your desk without lifting a finger

7.) - because you want to lose 10 pounds by summer, and you don't know where to start

8.) - because you need advice on how to stick to a budget, but still have fun and SAVE!

9.) - because the grocery store is always too crowded and trying to find everything is a hassle

10.) - because you just don't want to do it!
3/9/2010 07:02:10 am

Site looks good!

Ms. Cheryl
3/10/2010 03:36:21 am

Great Services offered
Planning to use them soon.

3/10/2010 07:24:17 am

I need my cars tires rotated soon can you help me out? And possibly my kitty need his shots too...Please let me know
Thank you!


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