Seems a bit selfish, but in reality, everyone wants more customers, promotions, and more financial independence. The key to getting what you want is great customer service. I’m not talking about anything earth shattering here, just little things that add up, and being genuine with your customers. It really doesn’t matter if you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or selling hot dogs out of stand in NYC. Great customer service is what keeps customers coming back. Here are a few things that I was taught and use on a daily basis that have kept me successful.

Be Real

You need to actually WANT to give great service in some capacity to be successful with this. So if you really hate your job or don’t believe me, you’re going to have to learn to bite the bullet and fake it for now. Use something else as motivation other than just being nice to people….. money, promotions, whatever works, but start with the little things. Once you get over that hump and you want to succeed giving great service, start smiling more, shake the hand of every customer you encounter, actually listen to them, if they have an issue, resolve it on the spot. Without customers there is no business, so be happy that they are choosing to give you money and treat them right.

Go Above and Beyond

This is an easy one. Try and think of your favorite place to do business with….. It can be difficult to think of one, and if you do come up with a few, what have they done to really WOW you? Typically, businesses and individuals don’t go above and beyond, we are treated with mediocrity and if the place is decent, we like it and mostly will go back. Instead of just completing transactions at whatever your business is, try something different, give them 5% off their next purchase for no reason, have cookies in your office or if you visit your clients, bring cookies to them, do football pools for all of your customers, winner gets a free lunch. Just interact, really get to know them, and be different. Most importantly, at the end, thank them for their business!

Find Out What You Can Do Better

The biggest company I worked for did this, and every consultant I have ever met does this. At the end of the transaction, ask your customers how their experience was and how you could have made it better for them. This sounds tedious, unnecessary and redundant, but the fact is, it is essential. It is worth the cost, worth the effort, worth the money to find a system for polling your customers on how their experience was and tracking their responses. Businesses work very hard at getting customers to do business with them, but then the effort kind of shrinks when it comes to keeping the customers coming back. Finding out if our customers had any issues whatsoever when dealing with us is invaluable. If they did have an issue, fix it and invite them back. It will not only bring in more revenue, but it is also the right thing to do.


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