I got “Best Dressed” in my 8th grade yearbook, so I am fully qualified to write this blog. Ok, that was the first and last time I’ll lie to my readers, I didn’t get it, but I should have!!! And I heard I came in a close second place. Summer is coming, regular guys don’t know what to get, so they go to the mall stores and pick up what’s on sale, get a couple pairs of cargo shorts and call it a day. I am going to break down a couple do’s and dont’s, then I will go over the top 3 items you have to have to look good this summer. This week is just for the guys… Next week or the week after I will take care of the women’s stuff!!

This Summers Do’s

I know I just bashed cargo shorts and mall stores, but I have to help everyone here and cargo shorts are a “go to” item. Every guy wears them and they look decent. Just get them from Express, they have all kinds of deals, they fit nice and they’re affordable. http://www.express.com/home.jsp Also, go with light colored tee shirts that have a good fit, I like Super Dry.  http://www.superdry.com/eN They are reasonably priced and have current designs. You can get them online or at Saks Fifth Ave, they are original also, not a lot of people will have them. I’m sticking with the casual stuff here, no one wants to be decked out in a suit or dress shirt in 90 degree weather. Hidden gem to shop at is Riccardi on Newbury St in Boston.  It is all original stuff, but pricey.

This Summers Don’t

If you’re still on the skull and eagle t shirt bandwagon, get off it quick. Leave Ed Hardy and Affliction on the shelves this summer. Look, I liked the stuff too, but it’s over, finito, please trust me on this. It has gotten into the thrift shops and gone too main stream for what it intended to be. Summer is a good time to wear different things and try out some new stuff. If something grabs your eye, give it a shot, but DO NOT wear something with a skull on it.

3 Musts For The Summer

Clean & New Footwear – You need to get some nice athletic sneakers, I usually go with Nike Air Max www.nike.com , they are plain and easy to find. Keep them clean, you don’t want to be going out in your dirty basketball sneakers this summer. Also, a nice and different pair of flip flops, not sandals, flip flops, I like Aldo. www.aldo.com

Shades – There is a fine line with cool sunglasses. You want to be classy and stylish, not look like Paris Hilton. Prada is good, but skip the multi colored ones, I wear Bvulgaris. You can go to Solstice or any of the mall stores and find a cool pair, but you can also go to Boutique on Newbury St and get a good deal on a more quality pair of shades.

Bathing Suit – For the past 10 years or so, every guy at the beach has been wearing those long board shorts. Get rid of em. Again, some of them look ok, but you want to be somewhat different, particularly in summer. Stay away from funny prints like rubber duckys or anything Hawaiian. I like Hugo Boss the best, you can get them at Wrentham outlets pretty cheap. If not, Polo and Nautica work very well. They are stylish and affordable and you can get them at the mall.

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Ironically, in last week's blog video, you are wearing cargo shorts and a shirt with a skull on it..

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