Since buying a house and getting a little older, I have been forced to become somewhat suburban and domesticated.  A big part of this is doing shopping for the week, planning my meals and being a master of the grocery store. Pay close attention to these tips I am about to divulge, because I am an experienced veteran in the aisles of the supermarket.

First off, let me say, Stop and Shop is the best. In the Weymouth area, the closest ones are, SS, Whole Foods, Shaw’s and Johnnie’s Food Master. Whole Foods really is great, but it’s just too much money, Shaw’s doesn’t have the selection S&S has and Johnnie’s is weird, I give them as much business as I can because they are a smaller chain and I like to give to the underdog, but the veggie’s aren’t the greatest, it is cool to be able to grab a bottle of wine if you want to at the supermarket though. FYI, it needs to be the S&S in Braintree on Grove St, they have a little butcher section and fish market, not the other one in E Weymouth.

Saving Money

It’s easy to save money at the grocery store. You just need to pay attention. Watch the circulars and see what is on sale, take advantage of it, that’s the easiest thing to do. Also, don’t be afraid to pull an audible. For instance, I drink red bull, they are like $7.75 for a four pack at S&S. Not bad and cheaper than the store, but if you go to BJ’s, you can get 24 of them for $31. BJ’s overall isn’t great for regular shopping, but it is good for items you use on a day to day basis. Also, bring reusable grocery bags to the store with you. I think you save $.5 per bag. If you use 75 little plastic bags a year, then you save $4! In 1000 years, You’d save $4000! The point is, you help the environment. Go Green! One more thing, they have Redbox there, $1 movie rentals!

Days To Shop

Stay away from the book ends, no Mondays, no Fridays. There is just too many people and the lines are too long, also, Sunday’s the supermarket runs low on items so some things may be out of stock or not at their freshest. Wednesday and Thursday are the best. Stick with them! Here is a quick rundown of what to buy where.


-          Veggies

-          Cereal

-          Dairy

-          Cold cuts

-          Meats and fish

-          Dressing and sauces


-          Paper towels

-          Toilet paper

-          Detergents

-          Cleaning products

-          Pet foods etc


-          Drinks

-          Frozen foods

-          Toiletries

-          vitamins

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6/11/2010 03:55:17 am

Good stuff, thanks!

6/14/2010 05:54:00 am

Great advise
Keep up the good work.

Chris Macpherson
6/16/2010 12:36:29 am

Where can I get a great deal on dog food for Bruin?! I love the Personal assistant!

6/16/2010 12:37:32 am

Last time I went shopping was at BJ's! I've always wondered what coulda beeennnnn!

11/23/2010 01:31:27 pm

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8/16/2018 07:32:26 pm

I will be moving out from my parents' house because I am starting to work and I am getting old to live with my parents. I should be independent now and I am also required to do things by myself since I cannot be depending still on my parents. One thing I am not used to is shopping for myself. My parents, most likely my mother, are the one who knows what is the best market in town. I already asked for their recommendations and tips, but there is nothing wrong to ask to other people about my situation. That is why I am thanking you for these tips. It is really helpful!


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