March is one of those months that ends up being one of my favorites out of the whole year. First, you can ALMOST feel the warm weather coming, its 50 degrees, the sun creeps out every once in a while and we're just a few months from beach time. Also, St. Patrick's Day, which I'll go into next week, and finally, TWO restaurant weeks. First one is next week, in my hometown Quincy, the following week, you cross the bridge to Boston and get great deals on some top notch spots. These kind of events are good, because they give you something to do in the transition between holidays and spring, and you can get some solid deals. I'll go over the good and the bad parts of each cities restaurant weeks and talk about some must visits. In the end, I don't think you even save much money, but whatever, its a festival, party.

QUINCY http://www.tastequincy.com/
- Dine and Save Program...if you act right away when the sale starts, you can get $25 gift cards for $15 to some decent Quincy restaurants and bars
- gives you a reason to try weird places that you normally wouldnt go to ie Punjab Cafe
- lunch for 2 for $15 and under
- dinner for 2 for $30 and under

- website is horrible, making it difficult to get all the deets, I don't even know how to navigate it, it took me 10 mins to figure out how to see the restaurants that participate, it needs more information overall
- Dine and Save program legit sells out on the first day, i was only able to get 1 certificate to a decent place on the night of the first day sales opened
- lacks in number of restaurants who participate... where is alba? grumpys? siam house? taste of Q  hs to have a salesman that can get more establishments involved... if not, hire TPA stat
- no one knows about it, i asked 10 of my friends if they knew about it, all between the ages of 25-40... not ONE knew a thing about taste of Q, they thought i was making it up.... PUBLICIZE this thing
- the clip art logo

Places you gotta hit - Siros. overpriced for a normal dinner, but actually really good italian food....  with the discounts and specials for restaurant week, it makes going here more bearable, 7.5 overall... The View. this place is good, really nice but not over the top, great view(DUH), great food, its actually reasonably priced normally, but with their specials, definitely my first choice 8 overall

Boston http://www.restaurantweekboston.com/

- it's not Quincy! kidding, (obv just more to choose from)
- so many restaurants participate in so many parts of the city
- 3 course lunch $20 and under
- 3 course dinner $33 and under
-  OVER 200 places!! so many specials and variations on menus besides the fixed menu

- can be tough to get a reservation at a good place
- there isnt a ton of guidance on what places are nice, what places are cheap, theres too much info to sift through
- its exhausting, everywhere is busy, packed, and can be a bit overwhelming if you're not used to those kind of crowds
- no Saturday night dinner specials
- still pretty expensive

for places to hit, follow my rule of 4... do a steak house, italian, seafood and trendy spot, try 3 new places youve never been, then go back to one of your old faithfuls.... confused? re read what i wrote and go by this, it wont let ya down

flemings (steak house) - this is one of my favorite steak houses, they run awesome specials and have a good pre fixe menu selection, youll feel like a big shot here

back bay social club (new trendy spot) - probably not known for its food, this is a solid location right on boylston, probably lively, but i havent been in there, looking forward to checking it out, popular kids go here

damiano (italian) - its in the north end, which i try to stay out of altogether, but i heard this place is awesome and ive never been, menu looks good, wear your pinky ring

b & g oysters (seafood) - dont know anything about the place, read some reviews and looked at the menu, sometimes just close your eyes and point! bring a bib

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