I remember when I was a little kid and renting movies was just starting to blow up. Corner stores rented movies, there were little video places in neighborhoods like "Video To Go" and it seemed like anyone could be in the business and make money. Then Blockbuster came, it was like a toy store for video rentals, it was bright colorful, had awesome candy and popcorn. It pretty much wiped out all those little outlets that rented videos. Now as the industry transforms again, Netflix is giving Blockbuster a taste of its own medicine. There are basically 3 different options people go with when renting movies, here's the breakdown.

Winging it

The Good: It's convenience at it's finest... you go to the on demand section of your cable menu and hit a button to get a movie. Also, companies like redbox have kiosk's in grocery and convenience stores, CVS etc. Redbox movies, if returned on time, are only a buck! Also, you don't need to be a member or subscriber, so you're not tied down to any company

The Bad: If you're an avid movie watcher, it'll cost you a ton of dough. For instance, if you get 2 on demand movies and a redbox movie, it'll cost you $10. This is as much as a netflix membership for a month.

Blockbuster Plans www.blockbuster.com

The Good: I have a soft spot for Blockbuster. I remember when they opened in Quincy Ctr and took over for Coleman's. It was an event to go rent a movie. So having the ability to go into the store to rent and get dvd's mailed is a cool option. Also, you can get blue ray and video games included in your plan for little or no cost. The biggest advantage BBuster has is having access to new releases 30 days in advance of netflix and red box.

The Bad: It cost money to stream movies to your comp, and, I couldn't find an ipad app to stream. Also, it is slightly more expensive than netflix, to have access to Blockbuster and 1 movie rental at a time you spend around $13/month.

Netflix Plans www.netflix.com

The Good: For $10/month I get unlimited access to stream movies and shows on my laptop or ipad and I get 1 dvd rental at a time. The interface online is easy to use and advanced, it gives recommended movies etc. I can use my xbox to stream directly to my tv too. Email me i you have any questions on how to do this.

The Bad: No video games, no retails stores, limited online streaming selection

The Verdict:
Honestly, price and quality are pretty similar for both companies, i feel like you cant go wrong with either one. But in the end, I have to go with Netlix, I love the online site, the price and the timeliness of the movies. Again, I really do want to give Blockbuster the business, but I started Netflix and it has been so good, I cant switch to try. What do you prefer?

4/6/2011 06:41:28 am

netflix no doubt about it!!!

6/18/2012 12:44:56 am

thank you that cool i will search for high back link thanks again


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