Every day people go on their computers. The visit their typical sites, Facebook, Google, www.mr-jinx.com  etc and that’s pretty much it. There are so many sites, the web is just flooded. If you take the time to look around and do some research though, you can find some really cool and helpful stuff. Here are some of my favorite sites that I have found recently that I like a lot. They are functional, easy to use and actually helpful.


Basically, this site lets you enter all of your online accounts and info into one place. For instance, I have about 6 email addresses, 3 bank accounts and belong to a few different social networking sites. Orggit lets you have a free account and log all of your usernames and passwords to different sites. There is also a paid option that lets you put in all of your medical history etc. It’s ideal for sneaky people who may have a secret bank account or something like that. If anything were to ever happen to them, the family might not know about the account or have direct access, orggit has an option that will give a family member or friend access to your accounts. Check it out, pretty cool overall and has some really good reviews.


This has gotten a lot more popular over the past 6 months or so, but I actually stumbled upon it a while back and have been using it for about a year. Basically, different vendors in the participating cities sign on to Groupon and give a discounted price to a product or service, this is emailed to all members of Groupon in that city and they are free to buy the discounted item. For instance, a restaurant might give a $50 gift card but only charge $25 to get it. Obviously a good deal and it will get people in the doors. I personally have gone to places I would have never gone to simply because the deal I got on Groupon. Definitely worth joining in my opinion.


This is a great site for all the people who go on to all of their social networking sites like Digg, facebook, linkedin, myspace etc. You can log onto posterous, and tweet, status update and profile update in one step. This is a lot more efficient than signing into each different account and writing the same exact post. I haven’t  tried this yet, but have heard nothing but good things.



Basically, this is a small business marketing site, but it is good to read for multiple reasons. The guy who runs the site, John Jantsch is great, it has a ton of solid content on business, but also gives normal web tips for day to day use. I actually found orggit on his site. There is a lot of content but if you read the blogs you won’t be disappointed.

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