My head is all over the place today so I am going to just touch on a few things I witnessed this week or thought about.

Appropriate Public Behavior - Ha, I went to the Red Sox game last night, after the game, we went to some bar on Landsdowne St, as I am walking in, there is a kid, probably like 25 or so flipping out in the middle of the street yelling at the bouncer of the place like a maniac. It was funny, but public outbursts as an adult are no good. I'm sure he just had a couple too many beers and did something stupid in the bar to get thrown out, but he was going at him pretty hard. It's on youtube, email me for the link, its pretty good. My seats were real nice, see above.

Feeling Good - you know, whenever I talk to someone who doesn't work out or eat right (trust me, I need a lot more discipline in both of these areas too) but they don't even think its possible to lose weight or change their lifestyle. The further along they are in bad lifestyles, the more hopeless they seem to be. Problem is, if you're not living a healthy lifestyle day to day, you probably don't feel great about yourself and aren't as happy as you should be. I started training my mother about 6 weeks ago, she wasn't in terrible shape, but didn't eat right and rarely exercised, with a couple different tweeks in day to day activity and diet, she lost 20 lbs in that time. Now she loves working out and feels good physically. Same with my grandmother, she hasn't exercised in I don't know how long, the older people get, the more they want to give up on healthy living. Let me tell you, my gym has a HUGE senior citizen community and some of these people are impressive. Anyway, my grandmother walked around the track in Weymouth a couple times last week, at my request and couldn't stop telling me how good she felt about it. Simple little things can keep your mind straight and help you feel good.

Bad Scheduling - Celtics last played on Tuesday... There is a ton of momentum and people are excited about the series, then they take a 4 day break or whatever it is and play the next game on Saturday? It's ridiculous, who is in charge of NBA scheduling, (the guy below) in my years as a sports fan, I don't remember this many days off in a series FOR TRAVEL...... Bad business to me, anyway, enough thoughts off the cuff today. Enjoy the weekend!! Email me with what you want to read about and sign up for TPA servcies! Its too nice out to be doing stuff yourself!

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