This weekend is the kickoff to summer! I feel like a nice easy going blog this week, so I am going to blab about the shows I watch the most. I pretty much don’t watch TV in the summer, so I want to focus on it for the next 24 hours because I love it so much and want to pay it a proper tribute. I will give away 4 awards for my favorite shows this past season.


Entertaining and Whacky Award

Bachelorette – Yep, I hate to admit it. I love this show, guy and girl versions. Also, my alma mater, Salve Regina always seems to have someone on the show which is interesting. This season, a friend of mine ‘Jay’ was on. He got eliminated right away. I was shocked, he is a great guy, smart, successful etc, but either way, its funny to see a friend on tv. Even if I didn’t know anyone on this show, I would still love it, all the contestants are maniacs, I don’t know if they just pick them for casting, or if the cameras and competition just turn the people crazy. For girls and guys, this show has the best entertainment value right now. http://abc.go.com/shows/the-bachelorette

Actual Substance Award

The Biggest Loser – I used to meet with friends from work every Wednesday night. We would make dinner and have a few drinks. Coincidentally, this show was on that night so I watched leisurely, but didn’t really like it all that much. As the season went on, I saw that this wasn’t just another reality show (see above). It actually had a point and helped people that needed to be helped. The trainers are very good and also entertaining and the show does a great job casting people who are in dire need to lose weight. I mean, unfortunately, these contestants, some weighing 500 lbs, are put in an ideal situation for losing weight. They have a strict diet in place, workouts scheduled throughout the day and experienced trainers that know how to push. So when they get off the show, most people go back to their old ways and gain the weight back. But, the show really does help people. It educates them on fitness and nutrition, shows them how to lose weight and teaches these people how to win.

Nostalgia Award

Vampire Diaries – Hmmm, how do I defend this one? Well let’s start with the fact that I dressed as Dracula for every Halloween ages 6-12. That may have something to do with it. Honestly, I love True Blood too, not so much because of the vampire aspect but because they are just good shows in General. I don’t know what else to say, you are free to make fun of me on this one, BUT, watch one episode and you’ll be hooked

Sports Award

PTI – I love this show. It pretty much revolutionized sports broadcast formatting. Let me tell you why.  When the show started, they had a column down the side of the TV with the hottest topics of the day in sports and pop culture listed. It would also have a set time limit for each subject. The hosts, Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser rant and rave on the subject for the time allotted and have all sorts of good guests. Even though it is an ESPN show, they are fairly controversial and have strong opinions, the other shows, Mike and Mike, Scott Van Pelt etc are watered down and very “PC”. Anyway, about the formatting, now, every show from Sports Center to NESN uses this formula for their topic rundown. Sometimes these guys get themselves into trouble with comments about co-workers and sports players or coaches, but again, at least they have opinions. Great show.

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