Whenever I am chatting with employees, customers and friends, I always ask them where they LOVE to do business. The answer is shockingly always the same "I don't know". Then they name a few places they LIKE. There's a big difference. As people, we're almost programmed to go out and spend our money. Every day we'll stop at 7-11 and get a red bull, go to the mall to buy a shirt or Dunkin Donuts to get a coffee, but it's the exception more than  the rule that we open our wallets to companies that we just can't do without. Most of the time, the service is bad, the order is wrong, the person at the desk is all but friendly, but we continue to go back out of convenience.
    So what is the solution? Keep on searching for places that deserve our money! The definition of great customer service is simple, it's when the business goes above and beyond and makes sure every customer is completely satisfied. Most of the time, people consider great customer service when a company simply is courteous and doesn't screw up. With that being said, imagine what a solid customer service action plan could do for any business. These 3 steps, as simple as they are, can ensure that every customer that passes through your doors, LOVES, not likes your business and more importantly, tells their friends and comes back.

1.) Having the right people. If you have an awesome business with a great product, but the people who are steering the ship aren't engaged, you will fail. The front lines of the business all the way to the CEO have to have the right attitude and actually believe that the customer is always right. Long and short of it is, get the right people on the bus and the wrong people off.

2.) KISS Principle. If you ever played sports or have been part of organizations you have heard of the kiss principle. We're not talking about making out or picking up the opposite sex here, we're talking about "keeping it simple stupid". Smile, engage in conversation with the customer, introduce yourself, shake their hand etc. Sometimes the easiest things get away from us, but ensuring that you take care of your customers with little things helps your service catapult to that "excellent" level.

3.) Making sure your customers were completely satisfied. How do we do this? Ask them, thats right, at the end of the transaction, ask them how it was. Afraid of the answer you might get? Well, if you have the right people doing the right things, you shouldn't be afraid to hear what your customers have to say. Of course, sometimes things go wrong and a customer has an issue, thats ok, just solve the problem reasonably and apologize for the mistake.

Going above and beyond while keeping it simple is a recipe for success.

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